Is voting worth it? Why might voting seem unappealing? How do I get ready?

If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, we want to help!

Get Oriented

Why Should I Vote?

Are you between 18 and 29?

Do you feel like your vote doesn’t count?

All the things your vote affects.

How Do I Vote?

Register to vote online

How to vote In your state

What Are My Rights at the Polls?

6 ways your voting rights could be violated on Election Day

A Bit More Information:

Democracy – A short introduction

A More Perfect Union – StoryCorps

Introduction: Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics

Take Action Now

Get ready to vote:

Find out who represents you now, who is running, and what issues are on the ballot

State Specific Information Videos:

How To Vote in Kansas 2020

How To Vote In Missouri 2020

How To Vote (Find Your State) 2020

Next Steps:

●      Get clearer on our own views & develop deeper empathy for others’

●      Register to vote (On the spot!)

●      Find a “get ready to vote” buddy

●      Step up to increase voter turnout in our state or county

Want more help getting ready to vote?

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Start a Conversation

Rotaractors & Rotarians have joined together to make starting a conversation easier with Democracy in a Box!

What is the Democracy In A Box Experience?

Democracy In A Box is guided by the goal of deepening civic knowledge and engagement through active conversations that bridge ideological divides with civility.

In collaboration with seasoned partner organizations such as BridgeUSA, we have designed tried-and-true formats to host conversations in a brave space that encourages dialog at club-wide (event) or small group (creative energy) levels.

Structured conversations framed around a question that bridges political divides allow for all voices to be heard in an equitable manner, and encourages civil discussion of topics that might feel uncomfortable, yet ultimately lead to deeper mutual understanding.

Example Questions for Democracy In A Box conversations on Getting Ready to Vote:

●      Why should I bother to vote?

●      Voting is a:

○      A: Right?

○      B: Duty?

○      C: Privilege?

○      D: Responsibility?

●      What is Democracy worth to me?

Interested in a Democracy In A Box “Getting Ready to Vote” event?

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