Bridging Divides

Why is American politics so divisive? How can we talk across differences without becoming enemies? What can I do to bridge the political divide?

If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, we want to help!

Get Oriented:

The country is so divided?

How did we get here and why?

Why We Are Stuck – The attraction of a polarized America

3 Causes of Polarization

Why Has America Become So Divided?

Can we break the cycle?

Can Conversation Help Heal the Political Divide?

How do we talk across differences without becoming enemies?

Braver Angels

Putting civility back into civil discourse

Further reading:

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Take Action Now

What can I do to “Bridge the Divide”

Coming Together for One Goal: Bridging the Cross-Partisan Divide

Next steps:

● Talk across the aisle with people about the impacts of corruption in democracy!

● Cultivate a diversity of opinions in your newsfeed to gain new perspectives!

● Host a Democracy in a Box event on bridging divides!